About Us

A welcoming and inclusive space for spiritual growth through the Prophetic tradition in service to the community.



Why Benevolence Australia?

In 2008, a group of dedicated women came together to discuss the absence and need, in the Muslim community, for a welcoming, safe space, free of judgement, discrimination and ethnic divide. They visualised a place where the spirit is nourished, minds are challenged and where a diverse community can come together inspired with the values of social consciousness and compassion. Thus, Benevolence Australia was born.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is set in the Islamic tradition, where the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are exemplified, and where spiritual growth is at the bedrock of all that we do.

Our Vision

Benevolence's vision of "Seeking The Creator Through Conscious Living" extends to every initiative and project on which we embark. This translates itself into a clear focus on wholesome living, ethical choices and respect to all that surrounds us: principles which are based on the guidance and character of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Where You Are Welcome

If you too are a person who longs for a compassionate, merciful and welcoming community, one who is prepared to traverse the path of conscious living and seek the Divine, then Benevolence Australia is the place for you.


Our Initiatives

Benevolence offers Educational and Community Programs including:

  • Community events which bring together all members of the Muslim and wider community, fostering social harmony, cohesion and connectedness
  • Educational classes and workshops for spiritual growth and human development
  • Education & Support Services for new Muslims (Converts) and their families
  • Youth Programs and activities for adolescents navigating faith and culture in the modern world
  • Health & Well-Being initiatives and seminars on ethical living and holistic healing

Benevolence House

Benevolence not only creates the metaphorical space that embodies mercy to all, but also the physical third space - a semi-sacred space neither specifically designated for worship, or a public arena that has no protocol of actions or speech.

Set in the beautiful garden surrounds of Doncaster East, Benevolence House was established in 2013, and carries the welcoming warmth of one’s home and the spiritual feel of being wrapped up in Divine Love.


We welcome you to Benevolence on your journey of faith.