School Education Programs

Benevolence offers a number of education sessions on Islam for schools.


Conducted at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels, these workshops are tailor made according to the class subject, interest of the school, and educational focus of the students.

These can be run as incursions or combined with a mosque tour as an excursion.


Program 1: Understanding Islam

Our 60-minute session on Understanding Islam provides an opportunity to explore the basic tenets of Islam as well as gain an understanding of what it is like to be a Muslim in Australia today.

The stereotypes pertaining to Muslims in the current climate are explored in an open and friendly manner. Sessions are interactive and combine a facilitator led as well as a participant-led style. Students are encouraged to question and challenge viewpoints and our facilitators deal with complex and difficult questions in a clear and straightforward manner.

The session has an Australian focus, however the global and historical context of Islam is also covered.

Relevant Area of the National Curriculum:

Civics and Citizenship > Knowledge and Understanding > Citizenship, diversity and identity

An extended 90-minute session can also be provided upon request.

Program 2: The Quran and Islam

Our 90-minute session on The Quran and Islam is designed to support the ACARA Text and Traditions curriculum. The session aims to give students an introduction to the Quran as the core text of Islam. It covers the role of the Quran in the life of an everyday Muslim as well as its purpose regarding Islamic Law and Society.

The compilation, preservation and perpetuation of the Quran as the primary text within Islam is covered. Students are given an opportunity to view copies of the Quran and hear how it sounds when recited in its original language of Arabic as well as gain an understanding of its composition and structure. A presentation of images of the Quran in different languages is included as well as examples of art work based on the Quran from around the world.

We examine examples of how passages from the Quran can be taken out of context or misinterpreted and used to justify the actions of isolated groups of Muslims, with a general focus on the current political climate.

Students are encouraged to ask questions and explore different viewpoints regarding the Quran as a text.

We can tailor sessions to have a specific focus on any of the following areas upon request:

  • The Quran and gender roles
  • The Quran and social justice and racism
  • The Quran and the environment

Relevant Area of the National Curriculum:

Text and Traditions > Unit 1 (Text in Traditions) Text and Traditions >Unit 2 (when specific focus in chosen)

A 60-minute express version of this session is available upon request.


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