Spiritual Retreat

Join us for a unique women's only Spiritual Immersive Retreat that brings a multi-layered approach to creating a new way of thinking, being and living.



Why a Spiritual Retreat?

The art of living is innately known to every soul, and yet we have created a world that has buried the deep knowledge of ourselves and our Reality from us. Women in particular have been denied their innate wisdom, succumbing to expectations, burying their potential and creating a false sense of identity. Take time out from your busy life to learn how to start living once again; to reconnect with your purpose, your inner calling and your highest potential.

What Makes our Spiritual Immersive So Unique?


A Multi-Layered Approach

It's a fusion of tools from the most proven and effective techniques of coaching, leadership development, mindfulness, psychology, and the latest social science research all grounded in the foundations of the Islamic spiritual tradition.



The Benevolence Spiritual Immersive was organically developed out of what we found to be critical to the mental, physical and spiritual development of Muslim women. It was our aim to create a program that would sufficiently challenge to promote change. The goal is to enhance strength and resilience across diverse women of the Islamic faith. It’s an approach that’s been refined over time to address the specific social and spiritual needs of women in our community.


Experiential, Practical and Immersive

Every moment of the Spiritual Immersive has been designed to utilise opportunities to explore, discover and grow your potential in a fully supported and private environment. We will equip you with knowledge and practice that can be easily applied to current and emerging challenges in your every day life.


Fusion of Inner Work and Essential Skills Training

We provide the foundational spiritual work on topics such as identity, faith, connection and our relationship to The Divine through Salat and daily spiritual practice. We then combine this with skills training in areas like mindfulness, emotional regulation and interpersonal relationship strategies. Participants will learn skills that they can use and apply every day.


What we bring to this program:



Fifty years of combined experience in heath and wellbeing and spiritual development we promote personal, relational and spiritual wellness. We have designed and facilitated unique workshops, classes and on-going experiential trainings which are grounded in a highly integrated model of Islamic philosophy and teachings, psycho-spiritual healing and self- development to support essential wholeness.


Fusion of Techniques

We offer the practical, real world experience from extensive training in health sciences, leadership, negotiation, communication, business and entrepreneurship.


Combine Physical, Psychological and Spiritual

Our combined knowledge and experience has given us a very unique perspective on inner transformation enabling us to draw from the realms of holistic coaching, spiritual guidance and, leadership and development to create a highly effective approach to addressing personal growth.



And then there's our personal experience and journey we've always recognised that our needs as individuals are closely linked to our needs as a community... we understand the challenges of living in a hostile world whilst trying to retain our inner-strength and dignity. Being alive in this remarkable time of new possibilities, we benefit so much from doing inner work in areas like understanding who we truly are, clarifying our purpose, and learning to manage self-doubt and fear. We do this by utilising the mind and heart, combining knowledge and wisdom, outer action and inner reflection.


If you have any queries, please contact us at info@benevolenceaustralia.org

About this Retreat

  Spiritual Immersive Women's Retreat 2017  

Healsville is a town in Victoria Australia, 52 km north-east  from Melbournes central business district. Healsville is located on the Watts river, a tributary of the Yarra river. h1

Healsville Garden Grandview
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Beautifully renovated, this space has begun its new life as the "Healesville Garden Grandview".h2


Rawan is a talented  personal trainer, fitness & self-care coach & passionate foodie.

Her mission in life is to show and teach women everywhere that they are strong, beautiful and deserve all the happiness in the world and to do this, it is all about nourishing and moving your mind, body and spirit.

Rawan does this by combining her personal training skills, her self-taught culinary talents and her coaching skills into one to give her clients the best tools for success with their lifestyle change.

saaraSaara learnt at a very young age through experience, that pain is the catalyst for spiritual growth and awakenings. Pain and discomfort on all levels, be it physical, emotional or psychological creates the platform where the inner self is agitated enough to ask deeper questions, to break through barriers of the self and to eventually incite change.

Her life work has been about creating the nurturing environment necessary for people to traverse the inner path, to inspire and give hope, and most importantly to connect with one's higher purpose.

Saara is not only a motivational speaker, a trainer and educator in the field of personal and spiritual growth, she is a woman that shares a deep concern and compassion for humanity and believes in the power of healing hearts towards healing the planet.


Dr Dana is a holistic chiropractor who is passionate about spinal health and the brain-body connection. She has been practicing in Melbourne for 5 years and has a wellness-focused philosophy on achieving optimum health. Dr Dana believes that a well balanced nervous system and spine leads to good health and wellbeing beyond pain relief. Dr Dana believes that the body is sacred and that everyday stressors (physical, mental or emotional) can have a significant impact on the nervous system hence leading to bodily pain and discomfort such as back pain, neck pain and headaches and/or dis-ease in the whole body.

Chiropractic recognises the body as self-healing and self-regulating and therefore has a natural desire to be healthy.  So when we experience pain and symptoms these are all signals from the brain telling us that something in the body is 'not right'. Rather than focusing on treating symptoms Dr Dana takes a holistic approach to  finding the cause of the problems through assessing the whole person - the physical, emotional, chemical and spiritual aspects of what make us who we are.Because the spine acts as the communication link between the brain and body it is vital that the spine functions well, so that YOU heal and function well too! When the spine and nervous system begin to heal and improve this will reflect improvements in all aspects of life including pain levels, energy levels, balance, coordination and even posture. Dr Dana is excited to educate the public on how the brain-body connection works and how the spine can tell us a lot about who you are as a person.


Nehad has spent a lifetime pursuing  knowledge of holistic health and wellness. Her deepest passion lies in women's health and wellbeing, and it is her desire to inspire and empower women to take control of their health and their lives.

"The diversity of women I have worked with over many years, has helped me to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique needs we have as wives, mothers, daughters and members of community. For this reason, I have dedicated myself to researching and studying different aspects of women's health and wellbeing for the sake of sharing this knowledge with others." -Nehad Else-Haly

If you have any queries, please contact us at info@benevolenceaustralia.org



  The Spiritual Immersive is for you if:   How It Works  
  • You want to explore the possibility of change
  • You feel a desire to live life more fully, but you feel afraid or unsure about where to start
  • You want to feel less burdened by confusing emotions and self-doubt
  • You want to develop meaningful compassion for yourself and others but feel held back in some way
  • You crave the company of like-minded women who will enhance your life
  • You are looking for a supportive community who will help you thrive.

The Spiritual Immersive is three days and two nights away. You will be guided by experts in the art of "Seeking The Creator through conscious living".

This is a full immersion of mindfulness, worship and blended skills training in essential wholeness.

The Spiritual Immersive includes:

  • Shared accommodation in a luxury setting
  • Premium quality vegetarian wholesome meals
  • Expert instruction and peer support
  • Daily practices, reminders, and sources of accountability to help you implement meaningful practices of working and living into your life
  • Inspirational art, poetry, teachings from the Islamic tradition
  • Personal stories and insights from the course facilitators  
  • Guest speakers - incredible experts who understand what it takes to create change.

Bonus #1

40 days of coaching and support

We want to make sure that you have the tools support to create real change in your life. Each week we will meet via video conference to practice the skills and apply the practices learned in the immersion.  


Bonus #2

Private Community

There will be a private online group available to you after the weekend immersion where you can connect with other participants, get support, ask questions and get feedback. You’ll have a network of connections with like-minded women for years to come.


Early Bird: 1 payment in full by 15th June

  • Members: $690
  • Non members: $740

or 2 payments, last payment on 15th July

  • Members: $790, deposit $395 by 15th June, $395 by 15th July
  • Non-members: $830, deposit $415 by 15th June, $415 by 15th July

  Applications are now closed!


If you have any queries, please contact us at info@benevolenceaustralia.org