Bene board
Working team
Bene board Working team

Benevolence is governed by a Board of five remarkable women that bring together a diversity of skills, knowledge and lived experience.  Grounded in the Prophetic framework of leadership; the Board governs the overall execution of the organisation’s mission, manages the organisational finances, and sets long terms priorities for the organisation.  Additionally, the Board oversees the GM and BeneKids/Youth Principal, who are responsible for the day-to-day management of Benevolence and BeneKids/Youth, respectively.  Overall, the members of the Board contribute to the educational, management, legal and financial skills needed to ensure year-to-year excellence for Benevolence. 

Our GM, BeneKids/Youth Principal and Management Team are also comprised of highly talented women.  Our GM leads the overall strategic management of all programs offered by Benevolence and its day-to-day operations through managing our committed and valued Management Team and all our volunteers.  Similarly, our BeneKids/Youth Principal manages and oversees the implementation of our BeneKids/Youth school and associated programs, providing support and guidance to the proficient teachers and volunteers who contribute to its success.

Together they strive to provide strong, strategic and personal leadership to their respective roles to develop and fulfil Benevolence’s vision, mission and values; passionately and actively contributing to the success of this community organisation.


Shaykh Abdinur

Shaykh Abdinur Weli

Sh Abdinur Weli is an active faith leader in the Melbourne Muslim community. He is the head Imam at the Islamic Council of Victoria, a member of the Board of Imams and the religious advisor at Sanad Foundation.

Over the years, Benevolence has been blessed to have worked closely with our respected teacher and Shaykh. He has been a guiding light for us behind the scenes, and we are honoured to introduce him to the community as our Resident Imam.


Saara Sabbagh

Saara Sabbagh


Saara Sabbagh has served the Melbourne Muslim community across a broad range of services for over three decades. She has worked in the field of cross-cultural education, youth, family violence, health and wellbeing, faith based education and much more. Her passion for creating a third space where conversations on identity, faith, spirituality and inclusion within an Australian context, inspired her to create Benevolence in 2008. Saara is passionate about reviving the ancient wisdom of the Islamic tradition through teaching the virtues of the Prophetic Way, spiritual values, and promoting a life of God consciousness.

Maryam Bavdi

Maryam Badvi


Maryam Badvi has been enthusiastically involved in Benevolence Australia since 2008. She has developed strong relationships through Benevolence, and is keen to propogate the connectivity and Islamic knowledge to equally benefit the community. Maryam’s background is in legal and scientific studies, and she is motivated to provide her skills and knowledge as a lawyer to the Benevolence Board and broader community to support Benevolence’s vision, strategies, governance, and community work.

Mina Husidic


Mina Husidic has supported Benevolence and its purpose of providing a space to pursue spiritual excellence. She is excited to generously offer her skills as a CPA Accountant to work with Benevolence’s board, assisting with financial governance and business operational decision-making. Most of all she’s excited to become closer to the community and build friendships all while supporting an amazing organisation!


Hibah Jamal

Acting Secretary

Hibah Jamal has been involved with Benevolence Australia for several years, initially as a member and volunteer, attending community events and programs. Since participating in Benevolence’s Spirit of Leadership program in 2019, she has made strong connections within the organisation and in the wider Muslim community.

Hibah works in financial services and brings her professional knowledge and skills to her Board role.
She recognises and appreciates the importance of Benevolence as a welcoming, diverse and community-oriented environment and is motivated to support its work and widen its reach within society.


Aneesa headshot

Aneesa Adam


Adeeba Nabulsi

General Manager

Aaleyah Habibullah

Benekids Principal

Rachael Hussein

Volunteer Coordinator

Bridget convert care coordinator

Bridget McKenzie-McHarg

Convert Care Coordinator

Sarah El-Katatny

Communications and Digital Marketing Coordinator

Faizan Ismail

Finance Manager

Sarah Mahri

Benebubs Coordinator