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Sunday, April 14, 2019 6:52 AM | Anonymous

Greetings of peace,

The steady growth of Benevolence over the past ten years has enabled us to actively solidify our vision of “Seeking the Creator through conscious living”. This is the foundation we have worked tirelessly to ensure imbues our core values of khidma (service), rahma (compassion) and ihsan (spiritual excellence), in every aspect of the work we do.

I have served as CEO of Benevolence in a volunteer capacity for these 10 years, and I am deeply grateful for the commitment and hard work of our staff and volunteers in our common passion to nurture the spiritual development of our community. As I pause to reflect on the impact and influence Benevolence has had in both the Muslim and wider communities, I feel truly privileged and humbled to be part of this visionary organisation. We have established ourselves as positive agents of change in society, continually evolving to meet the contemporary challenges of the Muslim community, and creating meaningful and far-reaching engagement with the wider Australian community.

Benevolence is facing a new phase of growth, transitioning from a grassroots organisation providing a safe space for Muslims from all walks of life, to a leading voice in shaping the Australian Muslim narrative. Towards successfully navigating these changes, it gives me immense pleasure to announce our newly appointed CEO: Ms Meriem E. Abida.

Meriem joined Benevolence in 2016 as our Internal Program Manager, and was instrumental in developing our community and education programs to become institutions of traditional Islamic knowledge for converts and reconnecting Muslims. Our community gatherings have become highly anticipated events that bring together the Muslim and wider community, fostering social harmony and connectedness. Meriem has successfully created new channels of engagement with Muslim youth through our phenomenal Spirit of Leadership program, and focused on providing increased value to our member base. With a Masters of Science in Intervention and Change Management and extensive experience in people and project management, Meriem was the ideal candidate to steer Benevolence through the stages of expansion through collaboration.

Having worked closely with Meriem over the years, I am highly confident that Benevolence will flourish and prosper under her leadership. Her appointment demonstrates the strength of Benevolence’s succession planning and talent pipeline. I am honoured to be passing on the baton to Meriem, a woman of strong integrity, distinguished spiritual refinement, and an inspiring role model.

I resume my role as Chair of the Board, and special adviser to the management team. Please join me in welcoming Meriem as the CEO of Benevolence, as we build the vision of Benevolence for a broader audience.

With love and light,
Saara Sabbagh
Benevolence founder


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