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Greetings of peace,

Benevolence has served the Muslim and broader community with firm and unwavering determination. Whether it’s creating an alternative space where Muslims from all walks of life feel welcomed and a sense of belonging, or uplifting and striving for a higher practice of spiritual refinement or indeed navigating the complexities that come with being a Muslim in Australia today – Benevolence has evolved over the years to continuously meet the challenges of our Australian community with our core values of Khidma (service), Rahma (mercy) and Ihsan (excellence) at the essence of all that we do.

Since its inception in 2008, Benevolence has had clear target audiences including 'reconnecting Muslims' and those who have newly embraced the Islamic faith. Benevolence also strives to create meaningful engagement with the wider Australian community by focusing on three key areas:


Although the core beliefs of Islam are universal, the outward practices vary throughout the globe. This rich tapestry of religious practice requires that the faith is relevant and meaningful to every individual and to the community as a whole. Thus, Benevolence has created a space where the intersection between faith and an Australian identity are united and consolidated in a meaningful way. Our Benevolence community is not based on cultural identity, but rather on the principles of the inner beauty and peace of Islam and our contribution to the community at large.

Spiritual refinement

Grounded in the principles of the way of Muhammad (peace be upon him), we have created a community where spiritual refinement and character development are integral to Australian Muslims and also relevant to others. Benevolence strives to nurture the spiritual development of our community through reviving the wisdom of sacred knowledge, spiritual practices and personal disciplines ingrained in our tradition.

Shifting the public discourse

Benevolence not only works internally within the Muslim community to strengthen faith and identity, but our organisation also works with the wider community leading the current narrative on Islam and Muslims today. Our programs are far reaching into schools, service providers, faith communities and the public and private sector and  our professional facilitators deliver a range of programs and services on understanding Islam in an Australian context, as well as programs on building cultural competencies, understanding of global politics, history of the Muslim world and complexities of the current narrative on Islam and Muslims in relation to social cohesion.

Benevolence seeks to continue making a positive contribution to the mosaic of the Muslim community and in service to our Australian society and welcomes you to join us and be part of the vision.

In peace,
Saara Sabbagh



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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which BeneHouse stands, and we pay our respect to their elders past, and present.

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