Annual Dinners

Benevolence brings together the Muslim and wider community to foster social harmony, cohesion and connectedness.

Community Iftar

Our annual Ramadan iftar is our most popular event of the year. Honouring the blessed month by bringing the Muslim, convert and wider community together, this event is close to our hearts as a powerful means of strengthening community unity. Casual and kid-friendly, everyone brings a plate to share as we experience the joys of praying and breaking fast together.

End of Year Dinner

Our end of year dinner aims to bring people together of diverse backgrounds and beliefs with the intention of getting to know one another and building positive relationships over a shared meal. Featuring prominent guest speakers to motivate and inspire, this event is a great opportunity for the community to meet and mingle.


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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which BeneHouse stands, and we pay our respect to their elders past, and present.

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