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Community event
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Convert Care provides guidance and assistance to those inquiring about Islam, seeking support upon the path and wanting to develop a sustainable faith practice. We provide one-on-one consultations, tailored courses and social support gatherings to support new Muslims upon their faith journey.

Courses and Workshops

Our courses on what Muslims believe and practice include Intro to Islam, How to Pray, and Preparing for Ramadan. The spiritual dimensions are explored in addition to the physical rituals. Sessions are conducted in a small group environment, encouraging interaction and active participation for everyone.

Convert catch ups

Quarterly convert catch-ups are specifically for converts to Islam, and their family/friends, regardless of religious background, to gather and share experiences, gain support, and network with other converts in the community.

Convert Care Schedule – Term 2 & 3 2022

Further details and registration links will be posted on our website and social media closer to the events. See our events page here.

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Understanding Salaat Workshop – Saturday 18th June

Our popular How to Pray workshop focuses on ritual prayer and its place and purpose in the life of a Muslim. The spiritual, as well as physical aspects of prayer, are explored in detail in this practical workshop. This session is tailored for Converts and Reconnecting Muslims who are either embarking on their journey or who want a refresher.

Converts Eid Al-Adha Celebration – Saturday 9th July

Eid can be a difficult time for new Muslims, but everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy celebrations with family, friends and the Muslim community. Join us after Eid Salah at Bene House for a celebratory lunch at a local restaurant with the Benevolence convert community. We welcome all converts and their partners and families to join us.

Madhabs Explained: Understanding the Schools of Thought in Islam – Saturday 30th July

As a convert or a reconnecting Muslim, it can be difficult to understand the role of madhabs in Islam and navigate their differences. Join us on Saturday 30th July for a workshop by Shaykh Abdinur Weli, where we will discuss the nature of the different schools of thought and how converts can go about following a school of thought and understanding their differences.

Fiqh of Menstruation Course – Wednesday 3rd August – Wednesday 24th August

Our weekly Fiqh of Menstruation class caters for women specifically and focuses on the detailed laws pertaining to menstruation, irregular bleeding and post-natal bleeding. On completion of the course, students will be able to apply the principles and rulings to specific situations in their everyday lives. This course is tailored for converts, reconnecting Muslims and those interested in refreshing their Fiqh knowledge.

Convert Catch Up – Sunday 28th August

Our Quarterly Convert Catch-Ups are one of the most popular events among our convert community. Bring along your families and get to know some fellow converts in the Benevolence community over coffee or lunch.

Islam 101 – Wednesday 14th September

Are you interested in learning more about Islam? Do you have any questions about Islam that you’ve been wanting to ask? Then this workshop is ideal for you! This 1.5 hour workshop is conducted in a small group environment, encouraging interaction and active participation from everyone. The course concludes with a practical presentation on living Islam in Australia. This course is tailored for those wanting to learn more about the Islamic tradition and newcomers to the faith.