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Along the path to finding out about Islam, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information available and the task of discerning good information from bad.  A general rule is to start with what is most important to you at the moment, and what most relates to your learning needs, from reliable sources. If you are unsure which sources are trustworthy, feel free to ask us.

The following recommended resources list is not exhaustive, but reflects the resources that we currently refer and give to converts as references and guidance on their quest for knowledge.

Recommended Resources

Motivation, style, and direction are important as you delve into discovering about this rich faith, as the sheer scope and amount of material can be overwhelming and confusing.

A general introduction to Islam can help you find your bearings; from there, you may find particular areas you want to explore further. If you are interested in conversion, you will need to strengthen your understanding of the two testimonies of faith: belief in God and belief in the Prophet Muhammad.

For many of us coming from the West, we know very little about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) so reading a biography about him is a great place to start. After reading a biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him), you may then want to begin reading the Qur’an.

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