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Ramadan - a Month to be Shared.

The shared community experience of Ramadan is arguably the greatest spectacle of religious worship in the world. Shared at both a local and global level, the atmosphere is charged and our consciousness refocused. Families come together to break their fasts and to spend time. Communities come together to share a meal and pray.

But for many converts to Islam, the experience can be challenging, confusing and lonely.

Without Muslim family or friends to share this month the community buzz and the many events taking place are easily missed. Without support, fasting can become spiritually stressful where the challenges of coping with hunger are coupled with possible feelings of isolation that new religious practices might bring. This month, help a convert or someone new to Islam stay connected and feel supported.

Benevolence Australia has found that converts most successfully settle into a healthy understanding and practice of Islam when they are supported and have key mentors within the community to help and guide them. As a result, we have developed a special campaign for Ramadan. We run and support a number of events throughout Ramadan to keep people connected and to help share the buzz of the special month.

Prepare for Ramadan

Whether it's your first time fasting or you've already experienced Ramadan, the Prepare for Ramadan course is designed to cover the fundamentals relating to fasting as well as the spiritual dimension of this blessed month. Learn how to make the most of the opportunity that is gifted to us once a year. This course is tailored for Converts and Reconnecting Muslims who are either embarking on their first Ramadan or who want a refresher.

Weekly Iftar

During the month of Ramadan, Benevolence hosts a weekly iftar (breaking of fast) for converts and their families and friends. We pray Maghrib prayer together, share a dinner, and relax in an informal setting. Following the dinner, we encourage you to stay for the taraweeh prayer and a facilitated discussion and conversation based on a hadith to enrich our Ramadan experience and foster our spiritual learning.

Convert Iftar

Benevolence holds an annual convert iftar at a restaurant during Ramadan. This event is for converts and their families, and is sponsored by community members. The restaurant provides a Ramadan set menu, and the entire restaurant is booked out, creating a wonderful social and supportive atmosphere. Maghrib prayer facilities are provided on site.


To conclude the month of Ramadan, Benevolence hosts an Eid prayer followed by a family-friendly festival. This is a wonderful social event to celebrate Eid with the Benevolence community! We warmly welcome you, your family and friends to celebrate this blessed day with us.


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