Vacant Positions: 

Benevolence Board: General Member

Benevolence Australia is seeking an enthusiastic, dedicated and suitably experienced member of the Benevolence community to join our Board. 

Position Title Benevolence Board Member (non-Executive)
Term May – November 2021, subject to extension of up to 3 years
Hours  2-5 hours per week, in addition to bi-monthly meetings (every 2 months)
Salary Unpaid voluntary position
Reports to  Chair (and other Board members as necessary)

Brief overview

The Benevolence Australia Board, consisting of 7 members, governs the overall execution of the organisation’s mission. Principally, the Board manages the organisational finances and sets long terms priorities for the organisation. Additionally, the Board oversees the CEO, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of Benevolence, as well as the BeneKids Principal. Overall, the members of the Board contribute to the educational, management, legal and financial skills needed to ensure long-term organisational stability and ensure year-to-year excellence for Benevolence. 

Board Member responsibilities include attendance at bi-monthly meetings, special meetings and active electronic conversations. Board members will also be expected to participate in additional responsibilities, such as representing Benevolence at external events, reviewing policies and procedures, providing strategic direction/advice for organisational activities and/or participate in a sub-committee in various projects.

Board members also hold a fiduciary responsibility for management of capital and operating expenses, and ensuring appropriate filings with federal, state and local authorities. 

The ideal candidate will have experience in one or more of the following categories:

  • Government, public policy or law

  • Islamic organisations or community connections

  • Information technology/digital 

  • Public advocacy and outreach

  • Education and community services

  • Marketing, public relations or media

  • Strategic planning

  • Financial planning, budgeting or accounting

  • Fundraising or organisational development

  • Human Resources/People and Culture

  • Operations, program planning or management

Eligibility is limited to Benevolence members who are 18 years or over, Muslim and female. If you are currently not a Benevolence member, you will need to become a member to be eligible.

Application Process

To apply:

  1. Request full application from Board Secretary, Maryam Badvi:   

  2. Submit the Board Application Form and your current resume/CV to the Board Secretary via the email above

  3. Copies of the application will be distributed to the selection committee comprising of the current Board, with guidance from Global Leadership.

  4. Applicants will be notified by mid-May, subject to any issues arising

Applications close on 17th May 2021.


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