Spirit of Leadership

Leading by Prophetic example.

Young Muslims in Victoria are invited to be part of a new and unique leadership training program! Join the Spirit of Leadership (SOL), a 10-month program which delivers holistic youth leadership training encompassing the virtues and essence of Islam through the Prophetic model.

The program is delivered by Benevolence Australia in partnership with the Islamic Council of Victoria’s Youth Committee with a focus on Ihsan (working with excellence), Rahma (dealing with people through compassion, kindness, mercy, inclusion and diversity) and Khidma (in service to the community).


This unique opportunity gives participants the chance to become leaders who are driven by their values, skills, experiences and self-awareness rooted in Islamic tradition.

Participants will:
  • Develop foundational understanding of leadership enriched with the teachings of leadership in Islam
  • Enhance leadership skills as part of a leader’s retreat program
  • Obtain practical experience in leadership and project management through active involvement in projects
  • Network and participate in panel discussions with successful Muslim leaders
  • Experience leadership through field trips to community and broader community organisations.


Students will be required to take part in of a series of activities including:
  • Orientation and induction day introducing participants to key community leaders
  • 6 leadership workshops focusing on leadership development, communication skills and the virtues and essence of being a leader in Islam
  • Active participation in community projects guided by expert community leaders
  • Monthly support network program
  • 2 SOL leaders iftars (breaking fast)
  • 3 field trips to community organisations to experience leadership in practice
  • Panel discussion with a working Muslim women’s board
  • SOL weekend retreat program
  • Graduation ceremony and Presentations


1. SOL is open to young men and women who:
  • Live in Victoria
  • Identify as a Muslim youth (18-28)
  • Are currently involved in a Muslim social group, association or community center.

We highly encourage recently arrived migrants (last 5 to 10 years) and youth from diverse backgrounds to apply.

2. The SOL program requires active participation in all workshops and activities over the 8 months, with an average time commitment of approximately 4 hours per week.


Applications are closed for 2018.

For future program details, please contact us directly.

SOL2018 in action


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