Spiritual Retreats

Reconnect with your purpose, your inner calling and your highest potential.

The Benevolence spiritual retreats were organically developed out of what we found to be critical to the mental, physical and spiritual development of Muslim women. Focusing on personal development, nutrition and improving one's spiritual and mental wellbeing, these retreats provide the ideal opportunity for women to evaluate their spiritual journey in a comfortable and nurturing environment.

Why a Spiritual Retreat?

The purpose of our creation is to know The Creator; to glorify, worship and fall in love with The All Merciful. Improving one's relationship with Allah requires introspection, silence and contemplation of one's inner journey. It can be very difficult to do that in a modern world which is filled with so much noise, distractions and illusions; a world that constantly leave us depleted of any spiritual energy.
We understand the challenges of living in a hostile world, managing self-doubt and fear whilst trying to retain one's integrity and dignity. With fifty years of combined experience in health and wellbeing and spiritual development, we promote personal, relational and spiritual wellness. Bringing together the physical, psychological and spiritual, we offer a unique perspective on personal growth to fully engage the mind and heart, employ knowledge and wisdom, and perform outer action and inner reflection for positive transformation.
Drawing from traditional spiritual teachings, we assist you to rediscover your purpose, offering practical tools that can easily be applied to current and emerging challenges in your everyday life. We provide a fusion of  experiential trainings grounded in a highly integrated model of Islamic philosophy and self-development to support essential wholeness through salat, daily litanies, and guided meditation, supplemented with skills training in mindfulness, emotional regulation and interpersonal relationship strategies.

With an emphasis on the faith journey, diseases of the heart and practical steps in safeguarding and reviving one's heart in today's world; every moment of the retreat has been tailored to utilise opportunities to explore, discover and grow your potential. It is a highly effective approach that has been refined over time to address the specific social and spiritual needs of women in our community.

The spiritual immersives include:

  • Expert instruction and peer support
  • Daily practices, reminders, and sources of accountability to help you implement meaningful practices of working and living into your life
  • Inspirational art, poetry, teachings from the Islamic tradition
  • Personal stories and insights from the course facilitators
  • Guest speakers - incredible experts who understand what takes to create change
  • Premium quality vegetarian wholesome meals

The spiritual retreats are for you if:

  • You want to explore the possibility of change
  • You feel a desire to live life more fully, but you feel afraid or unsure about where to start
  • You want to feel less burdened by confusing emotions and self-doubt
  • You want to develop meaningful compassion for yourself and others but feel held back in some way
  • You crave the company of like-minded women who will enhance your life
  • You are looking for a supportive community who will help you thrive.


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