Understanding Islam

Benevolence offers public outreach workshops for corporate, government, public, and the community.

In a global climate that is becoming increasingly challenged by competing world views, reactionary politics and social tensions, Benevolence Australia has developed a strong reputation in Australia and in the Asia and Indo-Pacific region as a resource for credible information on Islam as a world view, Islam in Australia and Muslim discourse.

We offer a range of non-political, non-denominational educational resources and ‘Understanding Islam’ programs, which deliver access to informed and meaningful understanding on Islam and Muslims in Australia with the objective to contribute to cross-cultural understanding and dialogue and above all, build cultural competencies.  Our organisation works with professional and community leaders and organisations at both a grassroots level serving the Australian community, and on a national and global platform, contributing to discourse on faith relations, Islam-West understanding, and integration issues.

Bridging Divides

These interactive seminars begin the process of demystifying Islam and delve into concepts such as who are Muslims and what do they really believe? We aim to bridge the "us" and "them" divide by facilitating participation and discussion in a friendly, open, relaxed discussion where no question is off limits. Sessions offer a chance to meet practicing Muslims and hear how the Islamic tradition understands itself based on first hand experience of what it is to be an Australian Muslim.

An Australian Context

We explore a number of interesting facts and relevant information, such as the size of the Australian and global Muslim populations, the demographics that make up the Muslim community, what different forms of Islam are practiced in Australia, different cultural interpretations and ideological forms of Islam, and other issues from both the perspective of Muslims and the wider community in an Australian context.

Professional Development

We provide a range of programs for professional development, including:

  • Understanding Islam - Q&A (multiple formats - panel, one-to-one interview style, or one to many lecture style)
  • Diversity training for corporate, public and private sector industries
  • Becoming Culturally Competent - Understanding Islam
  • Transformational Leadership in Troubled Times - Inclusion and Social Cohesion in the work place
  • Community forums for dialogue and discussion
  • Public speaking/key note speakers
  • Cultural training and facilitation programs
  • Inclusion and Diversity seminars.


Important topics and questions are addressed, such as:

  • How does Islam view Judaism and Christianity, and what is the relationship between these three Abrahamic religions?
  • Who was Prophet Mohammed, and what do we know about his life as a man living in 7th century Arabia?
  • What are the fundamental practices of Muslims, and what gives their lives purpose?
  • Does Islam condone violence and terrorism? What is jihad? Who is ISIS?
  • What are the daily challenges for a Muslim woman wearing hijab in Australia?
  • Can Islam actually be practiced in Australia in today's current climate?
  • What is Shariah, and do Muslims really want to implement Shariah law?


All our facilitators are experienced trainers and active members of the Muslim community in Australia and many have qualifications in the Australian Education System. Our facilitators deal with complex and difficult questions in a clear and straight forward manner, and we tailor the content to the needs and interest of the audience.

Mosque / Museum Tour

Participants can partake in an excursion to a mosque and/or the Islamic Museum of Australia. The mosque tour allows for experiencing what a mosque is like, understanding what features a mosque normally has, and the function that the mosque plays in the life of a Muslim. The Islamic Museum of Australia provides a unique insight into Islamic history, philosophy, culture and art, including Islamic innovations in science, engineering, and mathematics.

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