To celebrate the joyous month of Rabi’ al-Awwal, we called on creatives of all ages to submit any piece of work that spoke to the theme ‘Love for the Beloved’.

Meet the judges

Our Winners

  • Category: Under 6

Bilal @iram_at_last “Be like the prophet (PBUH)”

Haya @kartouts “A letter written to RasulAllah (saw) covered with a border of things he loves (pumpkin, watermelon, perfume, etc.)”

  • Category: 7-11

Zak @hena_k23 “Be like the prophet”

Hajar @hajrart “Enlightenment (Candle in the Dark)

  • Category: 12-19

Dalia @melbourne_art_ “Jannah, where we hope to reunite with the prophet (saw)”

  • Category: 19+

Sammar @panda_speaking “Following the Leader)

More entries

We had so many amazing entries, and choosing winners was not an easy process. Thank you to everyone who entered and helped us celebrate such a special month! We couldn’t help but share a few more entries for our community to enjoy: