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School Ethos

Benekids is built on the foundations of respect, understanding, critical thinking and creativity. Our overarching belief is that every student matters and that they all have the right to reach their full potential in a safe and meaningful learning community. We recognise that each child is different and endeavour to celebrate these differences through fostering an open minded and hearted school community and provide a balanced and interactive curriculum that speaks to our ethos. 

Respect & Understanding:  At BeneKids, we expect our staff, families and students to engage each other with respect and understanding. We respect each individuals right to a safe learning experience which includes the ability to share their ideas, thoughts and concerns. We understand that people have unique life experiences and we endeavour to approach differences with an open heart, mind and curiosity. 

Critical thinking: Our curriculum, structure and teaching resources are designed to facilitate a culture of critical thinking in students, teachers and families so that students are supported with tools with which to navigate their way through the world around them in a meaningful way.  This ethos encourages students to question, explore and discover meaning for themselves. 

Creativity: At BeneKids we value creativity and creative thinking. Our school structure, teaching resources and curriculum is designed to encourage creative thinking processes and cater to a variety of different learning styles. We support students to share their thoughts, ideas and passions.

At Benevolence, we consciously take a different approach to weekend schools.

BeneKids is a Saturday school established to provide a place for young Muslims to learn about their identity in a caring, fun and interactive environment whilst promoting the Arabic language and culture through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our program reflects this with fun activities implemented with love and a focus on being a good citizen, making good friends, seeing faith and its traditions  and language as relevant and important for today. We are committed to having a low teacher-student ratio in the interests of good connections between students and teachers, and all topics are taught in age-appropriate and engaging ways, with an emphasis on their relevance to the students’ lives in a modern, Australian context.


  • BeneKids (Preschool – Grade 6)
  • BeneYouth (Grade 7-12)


Our classes are currently full however we are now opening our waitlist for the following year levels:

  • Playgroup 2024 (born 2020)
  • Year 7 – 12
Please contact admin.bk@benevolenceaustralia.orgto submit your expression of interest.