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The syllabus for all ages covers:

  • Arabic for the purpose of reading Qur’an
  • Seerah (life of the Prophet, peace be upon him)
  • Akhlaq (having good character)
  • Fiqh (Islamic law)
  • ‘Aqeedah (belief)


Our Arabic program focuses on learning to read Arabic for the purposes of Quran. Classes are organised according to ability, not age, and all classes are capped to ensure learning is done in small groups, with their own teacher. Each child progresses at their own pace, starting from learning the alphabet to reading fluently with correct tajwid.

There are no gradings or exams, however, there is an expectation that parents will work consistently with children at home on their Arabic and tajwid.

At Benevolence, we consciously take a different approach to weekend Islamic schools.

BeneKids is a Saturday Islamic school established to provide a place for young Muslims to learn about their faith and Muslim identity in a caring, fun and interactive environment.

We at BeneKids believe that the early impressions children have of Islam is crucial in forming their faith foundation. To foster the spirit of critical engagement with their faith, questioning by the children is actively encouraged so they can come to a realisation of Islam’s wisdom themselves.

The overarching message is Love for Allah and His prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Our program reflects this with fun activities implemented with love and a focus on being a good citizen, making good friends, seeing faith and its traditions as relevant and important for today, and enjoying being Muslim. We are committed to having a low teacher-student ratio in the interests of good connections between students and teachers, and all topics are taught in age-appropriate and engaging ways, with an emphasis on their relevance to the students’ lives in a modern, Australian context.


  • BeneKids (Preschool – Grade 7)
  • BeneYouth (Grade 8-12)


The preschool is run with a similar structure to a standard kindergarten program with games, crafts, stories and songs, all with an Islamic ethos.

Parents and carers of children in the preschool class are required to stay for the duration of the lesson and participate in the class along with their child/ren.


Our classes are full and we do not have any available spots for new families in the immediate future.  The waitlist and enrolments are currently closed.