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Benevolence’s Convert programs provide guidance and support to new Muslims, long-term converts and those exploring Islam or thinking about converting. We aim to help guide those wanting to learn about Islam, and support converts in developing and maintaining a sustainable faith practice. We provide introductory classes, consultations and drop-ins, and social gatherings to support you at all stages of your faith journey.

Workshops & short courses

Benevolence offers classes on Islamic beliefs and practices including Islam 101, How to Pray and Preparing for Ramadan. These classes explore the spiritual  dimensions of Islamic practice in addition to the physical rituals. Sessions are conducted in a small group environment, encouraging interaction and active participation.

Convert catch-ups

Our Convert Catch-Up events invite converts to Islam, those exploring Islam and their family, friends, or partners to gather, celebrate and socialise. These events include Eid lunches, iftars (fast-breaking meals) and group Mosque tours. Converts can share experiences, gain support and build a community with others on their convert journey.

Convert Events Schedule – Term 2 2024

All events and dates are tentative and may be subject to change. Further details and registration links will be posted on our events page and social media closer to the events.


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Converts Eid Lunch – Wednesday 10th April 0r Thursday 11th April

Celebrate Eid al-Fitr with the Benevolence convert community. Our Converts Eid Lunch will follow Eid salaat and celebrations in Doncaster East. This event is open to converts and their partners and families.

Islam 101 – Sunday 28th April 

Discover Islam with our regular Islam 101 workshop. If you’ve been curious about Islam or have some questions you’ve always wanted to ask, then our Islam 101 workshop is just for you. The workshop is designed to promote interaction and active participation within a small group setting. The course is ideal for those seeking to learn more about the Islamic tradition or newcomers to the faith.

How to Pray Salaat – Saturday 11th May

Our popular How to Pray workshop focuses on ritual prayer and its place and purpose in the life of a Muslim. The spiritual, as well as physical aspects of prayer, are explored in detail in this practical workshop. This session is tailored for Converts and Reconnecting Muslims who are either embarking on their journey or who want a refresher.

Salaat Tutorial – Saturday 25th May

Following on from our Salaat workshop, we invite you to fine tune your knowledge and practice of Salat in this two hour Salat Tutorial. 

Whether you attended the workshop and have follow-up questions or simply desire a refresher on the fundamentals of Salat, we encourage you to join our Salat Tutorial. 

The Fundamentals of Dhul-Hijjah – Thursday 6th June

As part of our 2024 Five Pillars Series, this talk will cover the basics of Dhul Hijjah one of the holiest months on the Islamic calendar, and the holiday of Eid al-Adha. Learn about the traditions and spiritual dimensions of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, as well as how to connect with the sacred month and reap the rewards of Dhul Hijjah for those not undertaking the pilgrimage.

Converts’ Eid Lunch – Sunday 16th June

Celebrate Eid al-Adha with the Benevolence convert community. Once again, our converts Eid lunch will follow our Eid salaat and celebrations in Doncaster East, giving converts and their families an opportunity to catch up and share in the blessings of this holiday.

Convert Drop-In – Saturday 22nd June

In 2024 we are excited to launch convert drop-in sessions for those not wanting to attend a formal workshop. We will open up our space and invite anyone with questions about Islam, and anyone on the path to converting, to drop by for an informal chat to clarify your questions, concerns or doubts.

Our Convert Care Programs are supported by your Zakat donations