Converting to Islam

Accepting the Testimony of Faith is all it takes for a person to enter the fold of Islam.

The process towards conversion varies from person to person, but the act of conversion is the same for each convert - it is to internalise and accept belief in the two phrases of the testimony of faith:

There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.

Once a person is content in their heart to articulate this to themselves, they have embraced the essence of Islam. This is usually followed by a formal declaration of faith, called the Shahada.


The Shahada involves uttering the two declarations of faith in the presence of witnesses.

Often this declaration of faith will be conducted in the presence of an Imam (religious leader). They may ask you some questions prior to reciting the shahada to ensure that you are aware of the meaning of what you are saying, the import of what you are doing and that you are not being coerced to do it.

It's important to note that it is your right to choose where you say the shahada and who you say it in front of. If you would prefer a more intimate and select audience to what is being suggested let the person conducting the shahada know of your preference.

Belief in the Articles of Faith

Sometimes you may be asked at the time you take your shahada if you also believe in other things for example Angels, other Prophets, and the Day of Judgement.

You may not yet be sure on your belief in these matters.

It may take time for some new Muslims (particular those coming from a no faith background) to understand these, and are often internalised further along on their journey. Keep an open mind to the other articles of faith, but realise they are not a pre-condition to embracing Islam. The key at this stage is that you feel comfortable in acknowledging your belief in the two declarations of faith.


As per custom, the individual will likely be asked to recite the declaration of faith in the Arabic language.

Ritual Cleansing

After conversion you may be recommended to perform a ritual washing (a shower) symbolising the cleansing of the self from any impurities from your past and beginning a fresh start.

Convert journeys and experiences

These are a list of books, articles and videos of the journey and the experiences of both prominent public figures, and the average person on their conversion to Islam.


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