Over the years, Benevolence has worked with a number of organisations supporting converts and facilitating conversion to Islam, both in Victoria and elsewhere. If you are based outside of Victoria and would like to learn more about Islam and conversion, we encourage you to contact Benevolence to meet online, or to check out these interstate organisations if you want to get in touch with someone local. We also reccomend you look into these organisations for convert meet-ups and Islamic events in your area.

New South Wales

Mizan Avenue – Auburn NSW

Mizan Avenue in Sydney, Australia, was established for the quest for balance many in the West aspire to reach. We endeavoured to create a holistic space that allows people from all walks of life the opportunity to learn more about Islam. We believe people without requisite knowledge shouldn’t feel isolated from learning centres, and we believe in creating inclusive spaces and not limiting access to knowledge. Our teachers are as diverse as our attendees and that’s something we’re proud of.

Mizan is a space where people can learn the basic tenets of sacred knowledge, while also aiming to stem the tide of confusion people have about modern-day dilemmas in an accessible and open environment.

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Markaz – Sydney NSW

Markaz is a non-for-profit focusing on multicultural communities in Sydney to combat social isolation. Our aim is to bring communities from all walks of life together to establish connections and build networks in safe spaces that don’t centre on identity politics.



Muslim Fellowship – Underwood QLD

Brisbane Muslim Fellowship is an Incorporated Association that was established in 2017 to provide a support network for Muslim Converts that includes mentoring, education and guidance to ensure they have the essential knowledge and practices required for their spiritual well-being and fit confidently in the wider community. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who mentor new Muslim converts.

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South Australia

The Islamic Information Centre of South Australia (IICSA) – Henley Beach SA

The Islamic Information Centre of South Australia (IICSA) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services to the South Australian community. Our aim is for people to see the true beauty of Islam, living, working, building and contributing to our peaceful way of life, and to open the community’s minds and hearts to share in the wonderful lives we are all living, here in South Australia.

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Western Australia

Al Rafeeq – Bedford WA

Our members are predominantly reverts to Islam. They are more than happy to assist you on your journey. oUR programs are designed to deliver knowledge at a basic level to enable you to build upon that foundation, and are open to all members of the community.


The Islamic Centre of Western Australia – Maylands WA

The Islamic Centre of West Australia (WA) is a non-for-profit organisation which has been in operation since 1994. The centre serves the spiritual and social needs of the local Muslim community in various areas such as Islamic learning, social support, community engagement and event organisation.

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The Convert Collective – Melbourne VIC

The Convert Collective are a group of Muslims (including converts) who have come together with the intention of supporting Converts and Reconnecting Muslims to Islam through providing care, connection, and community. Their mission is to make the transition into Islam easier for converts through being a first point of contact for their concerns, questions, and Islamic growth.

The Convert Collective works in collaboration with a range of Masjids, Muslim organisations, and other support networks to connect Converts to Islam with the support they need, whether this is access to Islamic programs, Shaykhs, community events or even just having a place for them to meet other converts. They believe Islam is such a precious gift, as such the vision for the Convert Collective is to provide Muslims who need assistance with developing their Islam in a supportive, holistic and collaborative manner.


Melbourne Muslimahs – Melbourne VIC

Melbourne Muslimahs is located in Victoria and supports vulnerable women in the community, helping them achieve better outcomes. This is done through the development and delivery of programs, providing social and practical support as well as connecting women to local support services. We also hold regular community events including bushwalks, Eid events and spiritual talks.

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Northside Muslim Circles – Wollert VIC

Northside Muslim Circle connects Muslims in and around the northern suburbs of Melbourne, seeking closeness to Allah through purifying the heart.

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