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Are you passionate about helping Muslim couples build strong marriages?

If so, we invite you to consider becoming a Good Beginnings Marriage Mentor. Your dedication and commitment can make a significant difference in supporting couples as they embark on their journey together,  building lasting and meaningful marriages.

Good Beginnings is a marriage mentoring programme for Muslim couples. The programme is designed to help couples build strong foundations by providing them with the knowledge and skills exemplified in the Prophetic model of marriage.

As a Good Beginnings Marriage Mentor, you will undergo comprehensive training to adeptly deliver the programme to couples. This training integrates best practices in couples mentoring with a foundation in faith-based principles and teachings on marriage. This dual approach equips you with practical skills and knowledge crucial for fostering the success of couples in their relationships.

Your knowledge and skills will be an integral part of a supportive community of other mentors who share a passion for assisting Muslim couples in building strong marriages. Your role involves helping couples establish the foundation for a successful and enduring union.

• Guidance on Islamic Teachings:
Gain in-depth knowledge about Islamic teachings on marriage. This encompasses understanding the significance of communication, conflict resolution, shared values, and intimacy. Explore the various stages of marriage and learn how to navigate them successfully.

• Practical Mentoring Skills:
Aquire practical skills and knowledge in mentoring via Internationally Recognised Prepare & Enrich Accreditation. This includes effective listening, building rapport, and facilitating challenging conversations. Learn diverse mentoring techniques to help couples overcome obstacles and strengthen their relationship.

• Empower Couples:
Work with couples who are enthusiastic about beginning their lives together and are committed to the success of their marriage. Share your knowledge and skills to help them build a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

• Supportive Community:
You will collaborate with other Marriage Mentors who share your dedication to helping Muslim couples. This community offers a space for sharing experiences, learning from others, and collectively contributing to the success of marriages.

• Continuous Learnings:
Engage in ongoing learning and professional development within the supportive community. Share your experiences with fellow mentors and glean insights from their journeys, fostering continuous growth and improvement.

By joining the Good Beginnings Marriage Mentorship program, you will receive the worldwide recognised Prepare/Enrich certification as well as Good Beginnings. Above all, you become an essential part of a collective effort to support and guide Muslim couples towards building enduring and thriving marriages.

The Good Beginnings Marriage Mentors training course is designed for individuals who are passionate about contributing to the strength of Muslim marriages. This includes:

• Muslim Community Members with Professional Backgrounds:
Counsellors, marriage celebrants, psychologists, Imams, faith leaders, mental health workers, or social workers within the Muslim community who are already engaged in roles related to relationship support.

• Those Interested in a faith based approach to marriage mentoring:
Muslim community members who have an interest in deepening their understanding of Islamic teachings on marriage and wish to gain practical skills in marriage mentoring.

• Individuals Committed to Making a Difference:
Anyone with a passion for helping others and a sincere commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of Muslim couples.

Regardless of your background or experience, if you possess a genuine desire to help Muslim couples build strong marriages, we encourage you to apply for the Good Beginnings Marriage Mentors program. 

The program is open to individuals who are dedicated to providing the best possible support to couples.

To initiate your journey in helping Muslim couples build strong marriages, we invite you to apply and become a Good Beginnings Marriage Mentor today!

Your Training Includes:

  • International Prepare Enrich accreditation
  • Good Beginnings Marriage Mentor training course
  • First Year Good Beginnings Marriage Mentor subscription fee 

Marriage Mentor subscription provides:

  • Access to continued professional development opportunities
  • Access to Good Beginnings Website and resources
  • Access to Marriage Mentor support network, optional community of practice and Good Beginnings support staff for all technical queries
  • Continued business development support as you grow your mentoring business offering
  • Unlimited number of couples to access Good Beginnings Couples website and all attached supports under your Mentorship

Once your training is complete, you will be a certified Good Beginnings Marriage Mentor and can start to facilitate mentoring sessions with couples.  

Ongoing communication and support will be provided by Benevolence Australia. 

Cost of Training: TBC

The Good Beginnings course provides you with two certifications;

  1. Prepare Enrich facilitator (internationally recognised)
  2. Good Beginnings Marriage Mentor (Australian based)

You can read more about both in the links provided.

There are eight core subjects in the Good Beginnings model:

  1. The Prophetic Model of Marriage
  2. Knowing your Strengths as a Couple
  3. Communication Styles
  4. Stress
  5. Conflict Management and Resolution
  6. Understanding Each Other and your Families
  7. Being Yourself in a Couple
  8. Financial management

As a Marriage Mentor we teach you how to implement each of these subjects with your couples using psychological theory, counselling and mentoring techniques, primary prevention of family violence, the Australian law and grounding all learnings in the teachings of the Prophet (saw).


NB: Upon completing the waitlist form, we will contact you for the 2025 intake. 

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