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A welcoming space for spiritual growth through the Prophetic tradition of service to the community and Seeking the Creator through Conscious Living.

Updates on our events, programs and initiatives - find out what's happening at Benevolence: how we inspire, motivate, and reconnect the community.

Understanding Islam
We offer public outreach sessions for teams and organisations to break down barriers about Islam, Muslims in Australia, and Muslims in a global context.

Our most popular program is our Saturday Islamic school for young Muslims to learn about their faith and Muslim identity in a fun and interactive environment.

Convert care
We cater for the needs of converts, Muslims reconnecting with their faith, and anyone interested in learning about Islam on their spiritual journey.

Community initiatives
Benevolence works toward bringing people together in the Muslim and wider community to foster social harmony, cohesion and connectedness.

Courses and workshops
Our foundation is built upon the strong, traditional Islamic sciences and the spiritual guidance of respected teachers of sound knowledge.

Schools program
We offer customised sessions on understanding Islam which supplement the Victorian and Australian curriculum as a mosque or museum tour.

Spiritual retreats
Women's immersive retreat to connect with your purpose, your inner calling and your highest potential through personal development and holistic wellbeing.


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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which BeneHouse stands, and we pay our respect to their elders past, and present.

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