Benevolence welcomes and supports you on your faith journey

Benevolence is a faith-based community that aims to nourish, develop and support the individual and family unit, using the rich spiritual tradition of Islam. Offering both educational forums and community gatherings; it provides connection, meaning and support.

Benevolence is a culturally diverse community that is grounded in the Prophetic principles of equality and respect for all. We recognise and create space for the diversity of faith practice, of the many stories that have shaped our Australian identity and, above all, we pay homage and respect to the First Nations People of this land and recognise that the Australian Muslim identity must be understood from this historical context and its contemporary manifestations.

In essence, Benevolence is a place where the spirit is refined and nourished, minds are challenged, and where a diverse community can come together inspired with the values of social consciousness and compassion.


Zakat at Benevolence

Benevolence is proud to be partnering with National Zakat Foundation (NZF) to launch its Zakat campaign this Ramadan.

With the trusted guidance and support of NZF, God willing, Benevolence will be administering zakat received in the most judicious and shariah compliant way.

We encourage you to give a portion of your zakat to Benevolence so that we may strengthen, build and create stronger self-sustainable communities.

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